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Reiki and Sound Therapy

'Thank You Olwyn for an amazing experience today. Your Reiki hands are awesome. God bless the work. I feel wonderful. 

The ancient practice of Reiki is a favorite here  at Athlone Holistic Therapies. A gentle "laying of hands", Reiki is an unseen "life force energy" which flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.  Recently, I have added Sound Therapy to energy treatments, which brings an added layer to the experience! Reiki and Sound soothe on mental, physical and emotional levels.   More about Sound and Reiki...

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Access ​Bars

"Opportunities opened up rapidly, work took on new energy and I had renewed focus to deal with it all!"   

Athlone Holistic Therapies find Access Bars to be a powerful way for clients to get through blocks or start in a new direction. 32 bars of energy encompass your head and store the electromagnetic components of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.  More about Access Bars...

I hope you find everything you need to understand Reiki and Sound and Access Bars. Here is a link to ailments that can be treated.